Know Thyself in the World of Gambling

In the business world executives prod their advertisement team to come up with creative ideas that can compete with their rivals. It is a dog and cat fight to prove who or what company can gobble up the profits of a certain product. The ideas may not be creative and original.

There is a constant war over new and existing products. When a product reaches popularity it has done its job of enticing customers. When this level is reached a competitor will produce a product very similar to the item in the hope that his item will rival the original product.

Such is the intensity that even a person will reproduce or copy something which he cannot call his own. Even the pricing is the same or cheaper. Packaging is either made fancier or colorful but the item is a copy. The makers who copy are copycats. They like to feed on others ideas.

Such is the life of a copycat, no originality at all in the world of business. Not much decisions or other redeeming factors are attributed to the players just like some bettors in the casino games.

In the game of chance called gambling there is a semblance to the copying system. Some players are new to the games that when they enter a casino house they base their actions on past experiences which may good or bad. Due to the lack of intensive study for all the games like the slot machines, roulette, baccarat, their chances of winning are slim.

No longer do they expect to win and bet half hazzardly and then loses start to creep in. In the hope of defeating the house edge they listen to tips and advices and hearsays. This habit of receiving unsolicited tips or copying what seems to be the popular notion is a sure way to start losing on the bets.

In horse betting, for example, a favorite of one player may not necessarily bring in wins. It is never an affirming move to consider other players lifestyle or choices. It is a proven fact that players must judge for themselves and make rational steps to decide based on trust and confidence he has set up for himself. Be a sure winner. Love the judgment you make and stick to it, it may bring surprises for a big win.

When the bad elements of human factors diminish the players will be forced to think for themselves and totally evade being a copycat. Each person's innate instincts will bring him to face the reality that winning is based on a sincere effort to gain anything of value to increase his chances of winning.

Copycats must stay away from gambling. Copycats erode their betting system .They are afraid of losing and taking a definite step to counteract a defeatist attitude. Cloners are always around to those who love to lose. Take a stand and see how the house crumbles. You are in the right direction of being original in your ideas of how to win a game. It could be a lonely life only at times when competition fever is on.